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Japanese Chopsticks - HASHI 箸
Japanese chopsticks has being a very important part of Japanese cuisine as well as its culture, People enjoy their design, material and quality in the life.
Japanese chopsticks are traditionally made of wood or bamboo and are lacquered.

Meoto-bashi (Meoto-hashi) 夫婦箸

Meoto means a married couple. Meoto-bashi are two pair of chopsticks for a married couple, often use each pair of chopsticks which has same design but different color and length. The shorter one is designed for women.

Sai-bashi (Sai-hashi) 菜箸

Sai-bashi are Japanese kitchen chopsticks, there are several length of Sai-bashi and the longer one is typically designed for handling hot foods. The short type of Sai-bashi has tapered tips to handle fine Japanese cuisine well.
Chopstick rest 箸置き

Chopstick rest -Hashi Oki- were born from Japanese traditional sense of beauty.
They use for resting the chopsticks at meals. Many styles and designs are available for occasions from formal to daily use.

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