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Suribachi motor / Oroshi grater

Suribachi すり鉢

"Suri" means literally grind, "bachi(hachi)" means bowl in Japanese.
Suribachi is often used for grinding sesame seeds, nuts, tofu, yam and fish for Japanese cuisine. The inner side of Suribachi has sharp fine lines by hand with comb-drawing which gives food well grinding.
The wooden pestle is called "Surikogi".
Oroshi-ki おろし器

"Oroshi" means grate. A metal type of grater is called "Oroshi-gane(kane) おろし金".
Grated Daikon-radish is a very popular Japanese item goes with many dishes, fish, Nabe-hot pot, Udon-noodle and much more! Our Ceramic Oroshi-ki has non-slip silicone rubber on bottom and it can be as good as white dish on the table.

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