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BENTO box -Sakurazukushi (P) (500ml)

  • Model: 900-0042
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Wagara Lunch Box -Sakurazukushi(Purple)
"BENTO" is a Japanese home-packed meal with combinations of variety of food. Many Japanese students and workers carry BENTO box for their lunch, and also families bring BENTOs for special outing.

Both tier boxes have the clear lids to seal (each tier has 250ml volume).
The clear lid is no microwavable and no dishwashable.
Comes with gift box.

Total 2 tires box: L15.3(cm), W8.3(cm), H7.7(cm), V500(ml)

Microwave OK (except a clear lid)
Dishwasher OK (except a clear lid)
Plastic ware
Made in Japan

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