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BENTO Box -Hime (850ml)

  • Model: 900-0347
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Kokeshi Lunch Box -Hime Large
"BENTO" is a Japanese home-packed meal with combinations of variety of food. Many Japanese students and workers carry BENTO box for their lunch, and also families bring BENTOs for special outing.

Two tiers(face & body) lunch boxes come with a soup bowl(hat) on top. Comes with an elastic band to hold all together.
Top tier(face) box has a clear lid and the arched lid gives more space to it.
The clear lid is no microwavable and no dishwashable, no leak proof.
Comes with gift box.

Total 2 tires box: D12.0 H16.0(cm)
Top tier 500ml
Bottom tier 350ml
Soup bowl: 350ml

Microwave OK (except a clear lid)
*re-heating purpose only, 2 min max
Dishwasher OK (except a clear lid)
Plastic ware
Made in Japan

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