Japanese Bowls

Donburi ; Don means literally "bowls" 丼(どんぶり)

Donburi bowl is one of versatile bowl and used for Donburi dishes that simmered meats and vegetables are served over the rice, such as Oyako-don, Ten-Don(Tenpura), Katsu-Don and so many more!! It is also used for Udon-noodle or Soba-noodle.

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Ramen Donburi bowls ラーメン丼

Japanese Ramen Noodle has become very popular in North America. The typical shape of Ramen bowl has a wider opening, a thick heavy body and base so that it holds a plenty of Ramen bros along with noodle and toppings.

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Mini-Donburi Bowl

Mini-Donburi is often seen at Japanese restaurant for combination meal; such as set meal comes with small Udon noodle. It is also used as kids size donburi/noodle bowl.

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Rice Bowl 飯碗

Rice bowl is one of the most traditional Japanese tableware used at every day meal. People often enjoys "MY Rice Bowl" for each family member, chose the favorite color, design or making a pair for couple.

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