NANBU Iron Tea pot -Maru Arare Blue (0.8L) 南部鉄急須

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D15.0(body) L17.5(tip included) H16.5(cm), V800(ml)
Tea strainer: Stainless steel ull out

・This is a teapot for brewing and serving tea ONLY! NEVER heat it over stovetop, exposed flame or in microwave.
NANBU Ironware
Nambu Tekki from Morioka, Iwate prefecture is one of the famous Japanese traditional ironware. People enjoy Nanbu Testubin (kettle) for their beauty of craftmanship and also for thier helth benefits of iron. The iron workers in this region produce many different types of ironware nowadays, include windchimes, paper weights and pan/pot.
SKU 900-0221
Box Yes
Country of Origin Japan
Dishwasher No
Microwave No
Note This pot's inner surface is coated with black enamel to prevent from rusting. Well rinse the pot/strainer, and Dry completely before storing.
Number of Piece 1
Ware/Material Type Ironware

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