DAIKOKU Rice Cooking Pot


"Delicious rice just like rice cooked on Kamado, Japanese hearth."

  • - Can be used on a gas stove top and oven.
  • - No heat adjustment necessary ! You can cook rice with just one heating level.
  • - Rice is cooked faster and fluffier by thermal infrared heating.
  • - Great for Zousui (Congee), Nabe (Hot Pot), curry and stew.
  • - High heat resistant.

Important Notes:

  • - Before the initial use: Cook any starch based water (such as flour, rice) and boil on low heat. Turn off after water starts to boil and let it cool.
  • * This forms a natural coating on the inner surface of the pot.
  • - Do not deep fry !!
  • * The Pot is vulnerable to sudden change in temperature. These will cause damage.
  • - Do not fry anything in the Pot.
  • - The pot becomes very hot while cooking ! Always use with caution.
  • - After care: Dry the pot completely before storing.

How to cook Rice

  • 1. Wash rice. (Washing rice directly in the pot not recommended)
  • 2. Put rice in the pot and pour water up to the designated line. Soak the rice in water for minimum 30 min.
  • * Lines indicate each Go-cup. (1-Go rice measurement cup = 180cc)
  • * The amount of water and soaking time may vary by rice.
  • 3. Cover the pot with the inner and outer lids. Cook on medium high gas heat for 10-15 min and then turn off gas.
  • * Cooking time varies by how much rice you cook.
  • * You may turn off the gas 30 sec after the steam is at max.
  • * If you prefer your rice a little crispy, cook about 1-2 min longer.
  • 4. Keep the lids on and allow cooked rice to settle for 10-15 min.
  • 5. Stir rice well before serving.

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