Tamagoyaki Pan

Before the initial use:

  • 1. Wash the pan and wipe all water.
  • 2. Heat the pan until a little smoke coming out from the pan surface, then give it a thin layer of oil.
  • 3. Now it’s ready to use for Tamagoyaki.
  • * You may find Tamagoyaki burning easily for the first couple of times, but the base coat will eventually develop a more refined coating through use.

Notes for cooking:

  • - Well heat the pan and use a thin layer of cooking oil.
  • - Stove top only. Do not use in the oven or microwave.

After care:

  • 1. Unsually dont need to wash with soap, just rinse with hot water. If You wash with soap, use a soft spong. Do not use cleanser, alkaline detergent or metal sponge. It may cause damage to the surface by grazing and cause rusting.
  • 2. Dry completely, apply a thin layer of oil and wipe well with a damp cloth before storing.

Tamagoyaki is a traditional Japanese egg roll Omelette. People make Tamagoyaki for ordinal breakfast, Bento lunch, to use as Sushi topping and some festive food. There are variety of flavor that suits to other meals and occasions.

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