Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony 茶の湯

The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu 茶の湯, Sado 茶道. The serving Matcha 抹茶, green tea is not only for making and drinking tea, but is a choreographed art between a host and guests that create the valued of hospitality and the beauty of ritualized practice.

Tea Ware

  • Matcha-Chawan 抹茶茶碗 (tea bowl)
  • Cha-syaku 茶杓 (bamboo spoon for Matcha)
  • Cha-sen 茶筅 (bamboo whisk)
  • Natsume 棗(なつめ) (Matcha container)
  • Hi-syaku 柄杓 (bamboo ladle)
  • Kama 釜 (iron pot) and Furo 風炉 (portable brazier)
  • Fukusa (袱紗) (silk cloth)
  • and much more..

Easy way to serve Matcha..

  • 1. Matcha is very fine green tea powder, and it gets moisture very easily and it is causes lumps. Recommended to shift Matcha powder through a tea strainer before making tea.
  • 2. Pour hot water in a tea bowl to warm it. Discard the water and dry the bowl well.
  • 3. Put 1 and 1/2 Cha-syaku spoon (2g) of Matcha powder in the bowl.
  • 4. Pour small amount of hot water into the bowl and knead the tea powder well.
  • *Use hot water 80-85 celsius after boiled. Never use boiling water to avoid the green tea becomes bitter!
  • 5. Pour about 70cc. of hot water (80-85C) into the bowl and mix it well by Cha-sen whisk until foam build.
  • 6. Serve with sweets.
  • *This is an informal method to prevent lumps for you to enjoy matcha casually.
  • *The portion is for regular size of tea bowls. You may find your suitable strength of tea.
  • Mini set, Nodate size is needed to adjust the amount.

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