Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping may not be available for all items. If you are purchasing an item that can be gift wrapped, a gift wrap option will be noted on each item page.

The Gift wrapping papers vary, and are designed with beautiful Japanese traditional Wa-gara patterns. We carefully select a paper for your items. Gift wrapping paper and other materials may be changed time to time without notice, but we provide it with our best ability to likeness of the actual photos shown.

Note: If you wish to have only one item gift wrapped when ordering two or more of the same items, please add the item you wish to have gift wrapped to the cart separately. Example; If you enter two as the quantity for the same item, and then choose the gift wrap option, you are ordering two gift wrapped itmes. Please make sure your order is correct before checking out.

The Gift wrapping fee ($2.00/box+tax) is non-refundable.

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