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How to use DONABE pot 土鍋

DONABE means "DO" clay and "NABE" pot and this is for Japanese traditional winter meal, "NABE" Hot pot.
This pot is high heat resistance, durable and that retains heat well.

Before the initial use:
1. Fill the Donabe Pot with water and anything starch based (such as flour, rice), and boil with low heat.
2. Turn off after water starts to boil and let it cool down.
* This make a natural coating on the inner surface of the pot.
Important Notes:
- Never heat the Pot when empty!
- Make sure the bottom of the pot is dry and start heating with low heat.
- Do not put on a wet towel or in the water when the pot is still hot.
* The Pot is vulnerable to sudden change in temperature. These will cause damage.
- Do not fry anything in the Pot.
- Place the pot on a dish mat or a heat resistant surface only.
- The lid and pot surface become very HOT, always handle with care.

After care:
Dry the Pot well before storing.
Due to the pot's water absorbency, you may see stains on inside of surface and bottom of the pot. This is normal, and not leaking.
* If there is a minor crack, here is a cure :
Cook anything starch based water in the Pot again. Starch particles will seep in the crack and stop leaking.

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