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Rice Cooking Pot

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DAIKOKU Rice Cooking Pot

Delicious rice just like rice cooked on Kamado, Japanese hearth.

- Can be used on a gas stove top and oven.
- No heat adjustment necessary ! You can cook rice with just one heating level.
- Rice is cooked faster and fluffier by thermal infrared heating.
- Great for Zousui (Congee), Nabe (Hot Pot), curry and stew.
- High heat resistant.

Important notes
- Before the initial use: Cook any starch based water (such as flour, rice) and boil on low heat. Turn off after water starts to boil and let it cool.
* This forms a natural coating on the inner surface of the pot.
- Do not deep fry !!
- The pot becomes very hot while cooking ! Always use with caution.
- After care: Dry the pot completely before storing.

How to cook Rice
1. Wash rice. (Washing rice directly in the pot not recommended)
2. Put rice in the pot and pour water up to the designated line. Soak the rice in water for minimum 30 min.
* Lines indicate each Go-cup. (1-Go rice measurement cup = 180cc)
* The amount of water and soaking time may vary by rice.
3. Cover the pot with the inner and outer lids. Cook on medium high gas heat for 10-15 min and then turn off gas.
* Cooking time varies by how much rice you cook.
* You may turn off the gas 30 sec after the steam is at max.
* If you prefer your rice a little crispy, cook about 1-2 min longer.
4. Keep the lids on and allow cooked rice to settle for 10-15 min.
5. Stir rice well before serving.

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